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Tracy Imm

21: Starting a Side Hustle — with Tracy Imm


Kick Off! Tracy Imm is a premier communications and marketing strategist who understands the importance of investing in yourself if you’re serious about winning big games in business and life. She is the author of the forthcoming book, The Brave Girl’s Guide to a Dream Career in Corporate, and makes her home in the Baltimore-D.C.…

kelly fidel

19: Shattering the Glass Ceiling — with Kelly Fidel


Kick Off! Kelly Fidel is America’s Premier Sales Expert in landing lucrative larger clients. She is a professional speaker, author, and business strategist. Harnessing more than 28 years of expertise as a powerhouse corporate executive running billion dollar sales divisions, Kelly has successfully navigated the world of corporate dealmakers and boardrooms, and has worked with…

Robb Price

18: In-Kind Donations Means Good Business — with Robb Price


Kick Off! Robb Price is an award winning social entrepreneur with a passion for building businesses while giving back to the communities where he operates. He grew up in the U.S. and moved to Canada in 2003 where he currently oversees the daily operations of his company,, an organization that manages in kind donations…


17: How One Millennial Is Tackling the College Game — with Ginna Kayser


Kick Off! Ginna Kayser begins her freshman year at the Clark Honors College at the University of Oregon in Eugene this fall. In the first part of today’s show, she explains to listeners why she decided to attend college and what she looks forward to getting out of the next four years as an undergrad…

16: Sally Hogshead’s Fascination Advantage & Other Personality Assessments


Kick Off! Move the Chains! Touchdown! Popular Personality Assessments In today’s episode, I celebrate the launch of Sally Hogshead’s latest book, How the World Sees You: Discover Your Highest Value Through the Science of Fascination. Listeners go on a journey through the different personality assessments available on the market today and what each one’s biggest…

julie starr hook

15: Some Secrets of Getting Organized — with Julie Starr Hook


Kick Off! Julie Starr Hook has been organizing other people’s lives professionally for more than ten years. After graduating from the University of Oregon, she worked as a sales representative for a food broker, where she learned space management techniques in the grocery industry. In 1996, Julie decided to become a stay-at-home mom and began…

Natasha Hazlett

12: Leaving the Law to Become an Entrepreneur — with Natasha Hazlett


Kick Off! Natasha Hazlett is a branding expert who works with her husband Rich to transform ordinary businesses into extraordinary ones. She is an award winning Internet Marketer as well as the founder of several courses for emerging small businesses. Although she is professionally trained as a lawyer, Natasha’s real love comes from working with…

Gloria Nussbaum

11: The Power of Documenting Your Personal History — with Gloria Nussbaum


Kick Off! Gloria Nussbaum has been in love with radio and broadcasting since she was a little girl. In fact, her first purchase ever was a transistor radio, followed by a tape recorder not long after that. Becoming a personal historian in the second half of her life was not only a natural fit for…

Nobby Kleinman

10: Helping Others Get What They Want — with Nobby Kleinman


Kick Off! Nobby Kleinman of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia has been playing his own game for as long as he can remember, scoring points and winning games for years. As an expert in the financial space, Nobby has helped thousands of people manage their money more effectively and yield positive returns on their investments. He loves…

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