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Kick off, Move the Chains and Touchdowns! The PYP Podcast is the world’s #1 podcast sharing insights and inspiration straight from the End Zone about showing up, doing the work, and winning as the best version of yourself.

I’m your host Mary Lou Kayser. On this show, I interview successful people from a variety of industries who educate, enlighten and entertain us with stories that showcase the many parallels between football and this game called life so you can get out there and play YOUR position bigger, bolder, better.

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What Does It Mean to Play Your Position?

Because we’re living in a world where choices have never been greater, it’s far too easy to hop from one thing to another, never mastering anything. A growing (and alarming) trend involves the trap of believing you have to play multiple positions to be successful.

That’s simply not true.

Focus and mastery remain the secrets to unlocking the door to a life well-lived. That’s what I’m most interested in:

Celebrating people who exemplify mastery, in other words, people who show up, play their positions, and never apologize for it.

If you’ve ever watched a championship team, you see players who know what position they're supposed to play. The quarterback trains to be the quarterback. The linebacker trains to be the linebacker. The team works together and wins games because everyone is clear about their respective position and doesn’t try to be something they're not.

This isn’t to say that at times, we are forced either by circumstance or by choice to play out of position. For example, when a defensive linebacker catches an interception and has to shift from defense to offense, it's natural for him to assume a different role in the game. Instead of trying to knock down the big guys, now he’s trying to run past them.

My ultimate goal for this podcast is to inspire you, the listener, to continue playing your position to the best of your ability. To truly show up, do the work, and win at what matters most to you. To give you actionable tips and takeaways that can make a difference in the game you're playing.

What to Expect on the Podcast

I produce two kinds of episodes that land each week: conversations with leaders from multiple industries who have valuable stories to share, and solo episodes I call audibles where I do a deep dive into a topic designed to inform and teach about personal transformation and success.

Each episode is lively, uplifting, useful, and fun!

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Game on!

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