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susan ritchie

Susan Ritchie on the X Factor of Leadership (and What We All Need to Know)


Kick Off! Susan Ritchie is a leadership coach who teaches ambitious professionals how to develop their leadership presence so they can make more impact in their careers and their organisations. In 2002, as a single mum, she moved to Borneo with her 9-year-old son, where she worked as a teacher and educational leader for five…

karen lopez mcwilliams

Karen Lopez McWilliams Shares the Secret of Winning Big in Life


Kick Off! Karen Lopez McWilliams was born and raised in Glendale, Arizona and started working at age 14 in downtown Los Angeles when she helped her parents open their first McDonald’s restaurant. As a swing manager, she learned the ins and outs of the business and formed her strong work ethic. Through her business ventures…

thor conklin

Thor Conklin Shares Strategies for Improving Peak Performance (1st Half)


Kick Off! It’s fun listening to Thor Conklin. He is full of energy, insights and passion for helping people achieve peak performance. What I noticed right away about Thor was his conviction about improving ourselves. He breaks down big ideas that may at first seem too far out reach to someone just getting started or…


84: Thor Conklin: “Execute! Execute! Execute!” (2nd Half)


Kick Off! In the second half of my conversation with Thor Conklin (listen to the 1st half here), Thor gets into the details of how to execute on the plans we make for our lives, our businesses, our careers. Think that’s easy? It’s actually not. Through his latest venture, Peak Performance Nation, he teaches the…

play your position

PYP MVPs 2016 — Highlight Reel


Kick Off! “The best professionals I’ve ever met are always improving. They are never stuck in one place.” Claudio Toyoma, PYP #62 The PYP MVPs 2016 share their best insights in today’s special “best of” highlight reel episode. The end of one year and the beginning of a new one is always a great time…

britney gardner

83: Britney Gardner Builds Badass Brands that Get Bold Results


Kick Off! Personal branding is all the rage today and it’s one of the most difficult concepts to grasp, let alone get right. But for people who work with today’s PYP MVP, Britney Gardner, things fall into place with their brands and they get results. As a brand strategist, Britney Gardner translates what it feels…

ally machate

82: Ally Machate Believes in the Power of Books to Change Lives


Kick Off! It’s almost 2017 and the publishing industry has been turned upside down in the last few years by tech giants like Amazon who allow anyone to publish anything, anywhere, anytime. Given our highly digital world, a big question on book lovers’ minds everywhere is — do books still matter in a Snapchat world?…

jeremy barnhart

81: Jeremy Barnhart Puts the Focus Back on Fitness with Apex Fun Run


Kick Off! Jeremy Barnhart is a co-owner and VP of Franchise Development at Apex Fun Run. Apex Fun Run helps schools raise funds for equipment and other campus needs through a two week character building and leadership development program that culminates with a student “run” to raise donations for schools. Jeremy has a background in…

jo miller

80: Jo Miller Leads and Speaks from the Heart


Kick Off! Jo Miller is Founding Editor of BeLeaderly.com, CEO of Women’s Leadership Coaching, Inc., and the creator of the Women’s Leadership Coaching® system, a roadmap for women who want to break into leadership positions in business. Used successfully by thousands of women worldwide, the system identifies the key steps women must take to advance…

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