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lauren fritsch

Lauren Fritsch on How to Prioritize Joy in Your Life for More Creative Energy and Money


“Do you guys remember Periscope or Meerkat?” today’s PYP MVP Lauren Fritsch asked during our conversation. “That was the hottest thing at SXSW a couple of years ago…and where are they now?” We both chuckled about this. “The world is changing at an incredible pace,” she continued. “And it’s great to be curious and it’s…

tommy breedlove

Tommy Breedlove on How to Live Your Truth Beyond the Bottom Line


“Do you want to live your life? Or do you want to live your story?” Today’s PYP MVP Tommy Breedlove was stopped in his tracks when a trusted adviser in his life asked him this question. It caused him to make some changes, including doubling down on serving others. What happened next was nothing short…

pamela gold

Pamela Gold on How to Be Present and More Effective in Everything You Do


“No matter how skillful we are, we are always going to have blind spots. We just can’t know what we don’t know,” says today’s PYP MVP Pamela Gold. “And don’t even get me started on what phones are doing to us!” she laughs. “Our phones are messing with our minds!” You will love today’s conversation…

claudio toyama

Claudio Toyama Strengthens Leaders with the Samurai Samba Vinci Way


What does it take to lead in a global marketplace? How can we become better at what we do every day in our work and our private lives? Is it possible to learn the leadership skills necessary to lead teams at a world-class level? These are some of the questions my guest asks today on…

tim fulton

Tim Fulton on How to Be Happier in Your Business and Life


“Aren’t all business owners happy?” today’s PYP MVP Tim Fulton asks. You would think they would be being out on their own, running their own show, chasing a dream, having the freedom you can’t get with a job. But the answer to this question is a surprising no, and in the show, Tim goes into…

ruth ullman

Ruth Ullman on Developing Flexibility in Your Work Life While Caring for Aging Parents


“The time you can take to care for aging parents is 10-20 years according to a survey done by MetLife,” says today’s PYP MVP Ruth Ullman. There are plenty of other sobering statistics about the wave that’s coming — and most people are either ignoring it or denying it even exists. Our conversation goes pretty…

teresa mccloy

Teresa McCloy on Reconnecting to What Matters Most to Us


“Why are sports growing in popularity?” today’s guest Teresa McCloy asks rhetorically. “It’s because people are longing for that connection we get when we come together for an event. The spiritual, the emotional, the physical connection.” She’s right. I see it every time I go to watch a game in person. In that stadium, for…

nancy martin

Nancy Martin Encourages Us All to Dance in the End Zone of Our Lives


Nancy Martin loves the Pittsburgh Steelers. A Pennsylvania girl through and through, she gets football and what it can mean for a town, city and region. When she’s not cheering for the black and gold, she is a renowned speaker, facilitator, and best-selling author of Dance Your Way to an Empowered Self, and the creator…

debbie johnston

Debbie Johnston — It’s Never too Late to Have the Family You Want


Debbie Johnston has a motto, and it is, “If I have touched one life, it was worth the journey.” And let me tell you — she has touched many. November is National Adoption Month and among the many pursuits Debbie Johnston has engaged in over the years, advocating for children of all ages to find…

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