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Susan James on Turning Your Vision into Your Reality

susan james

Susan James is a Self Discovery Trainer. In 2002 she and her partner co-founded the Self Discovery Group LLC. They and their Team of Licensed Self Discovery Trainers and Coaches train visionary and ambitious people who are committed to fulfilling their limitless potential. The Self Discovery Life Mastery Process is a very simple yet highly…


Jim McCarthy on the Almost Probable Certain Future of Live Entertainment

jim mccarthy

Today’s guest Jim McCarthy is on to something with his current businesses. With most live entertainment venues still dark and empty, the big question for the industry these days is: how can the show go on? As the co-founder and CEO of Stellar Tickets and Goldstar, a company that sells millions of live event tickets…


Michael Roderick on Why We Are All the “BBC Dad” Now

michael roderick

The entire world laughed when we saw the now infamous “BBC Dad” video back in 2017, a portent of what was to become reality for millions in 2020. That video is now a symbol of our new normal and a testament to how leadership is being reimagined, redefined, and reinvented every day. Today’s guest is…

mary lou kayser

I launched this podcast in January 2014 with a dream of exploring the intersection of the call to leadership, storytelling, and the power of audio to influence and transform. Through the lens of an American football game, the show is as strong as ever with an array of guests representing multiple industries -- everything from business to the arts to sports to education to entertainment to healthcare to tech.

The listening experience is fun, relevant, and useful, inspiring you to take action and think critically so that your life is elevated in a way that matters to you. I also publish episodes I call "Audibles" where I explore personal transformation topics like self-awareness, responsibility, truth, culture, and love. Guests and audiences alike love the format.

No two shows are ever the same!

Podcasting allows me to not only live my broadcasting dream but also my purpose as a thought leader and coach who is committed to self-education, leadership, and personal transformation. I love podcasting for so many reasons. I'm grateful you've chosen to share some time with me here.

Welcome to Team PYP!

"Through a process of self-inquisition

You will pinpoint your values and mission

With these things all revealed

You can take to the field

And confidently play your position."

Mary Lou Kayser