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Berkich Success Partner University 2014

36: Putting Players First & Overcoming Adversity — with Meredith Berkich


Kick Off! Meredith Berkich has a 25-year track record of leadership and expertise in the direct selling industry; companies bring her on to develop field sales systems and add her powerful influence to network marketing models. Forthright and dedicated, equal parts strategist and enthusiastic coach, Meredith partners with corporations and top field leaders to develop…

jay myers

35: Hitting Curve Balls All the Way into the End Zone — with Jay Myers


Kick Off! With a rich history as a successful entrepreneur and businessman, as well as an avid baseball fan, Jay B. Myers — founder and CEO of Interactive Solutions Inc. (ISI) out of Memphis, Tennessee — knows a thing or two about winning in today’s competitive and challenging climate. While the Great Recession knocked out…


34: Juicing for Success & Prosperity on and off the Field — with MiMi Chau


Kick Off! In today’s episode of the Play Your Position Podcast, young entrepreneur MiMi Chau dives into the power of juicing as a business and as a way of life. She is a young entrepreneur with a drive to make a difference in the world. Her brand #juicemi helps people kickstart a healthier lifestyle by…

kai davis

33: Building Relationships and Remaining Relevant in Our Digital World — with Kai Davis


Kick Off! What does it take to stay relevant in a crowded and noisy marketplace? How do you connect your products or services with the right audience? And what’s the deal with SEO these days? Tune in to hear my conversation with Kai Davis, a leading expert in ecommerce and digital marketing, who answers these…

emily duff

30: Creating a Killer Offense One Song at a Time — with Emily Duff


Kick Off! Emily Duff is a singer songwriter who has been writing and playing music for a good long time. At age four, she recognized the music impulse within herself and quickly showed promise on the guitar after her mother introduced her to four basic chords. When she was 17 years old, she started playing…

mary kathryn johnson

27: How to Be a Great Parent and Business Owner at the Same Time — with Mary Kathryn Johnson


Kick Off! Mary Kathryn Johnson is an author, entrepreneur, and Mom to two boys, two aussies and a cat. She hosts the twice weekly podcast Parent Entrepreneur Power and lives in the beautiful state of California with her family. Listen in to today’s show to hear Mary Kathryn’s insights about creating a life and business…

doug goodrum

25: Building Your Professional Network — with Doug Goodrum


Kick Off! Doug Goodrum is the Founder & Executive Director of the Career Resources Network, an organization dedicated to empowering career seekers and advancing career development. Prior to founding the CRN, Doug has enjoyed a variety of fun and challenging experiences including working as a Territory Account Executive for XEROX in Atlanta, Georgia and building…

24: Audio Postcard for Veteran’s Day 2014


Letters For three years, while my grandfather was in the South Pacific during World War II, he and my grandmother wrote letters to each other every day. One of my most vivid memories of the weekend of his memorial in 1993 is of me and my cousins sitting in the parlor of his home, reading…

Mary Sheehan

23: How to Listen to Our Intuition and Live Life on Our Terms — with Mary Sheehan


Kick Off! Outside of the school of hard knocks, Mary Sheehan graduated Summa Cum Laude from Duquesne University in Pittsburg, PA with a degree in pharmacy and enjoyed a successful career for more than 20 years. Having recently answered her inner calling, Mary now teaches and trains people who are burned out by their jobs…

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