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christine meyer

48: Building Champions One Mindset at a Time — with Christine Meyer


Kick Off! Christine Meyer has been a coach for 15 years to entrepreneurs, athletes and people in the entertainment industries who seek to powerfully elevate their perspectives on money, relationships and themselves. Through highly personalized coaching, Christine helps people to masterfully create their reality. When she’s not coaching, she’s mostly being bossed around by her…


47: Changing the Game Using Periscope and Live Streaming — with Alessandra Colaci


Kick Off! Alessandra Colaci has been a strategist in social media and technology for over 10 years. She has worked with Fortune 500 brands and small businesses to help them grow online reach and increase engagement. In her own startup, she grew traffic to millions of monthly visitors and has been mentioned in publications such…

Jayne Gardner

46: Playing at Your Highest and Best — with Dr. Jayne Gardner


Kick Off! Dr. Jayne Gardner has a passion for coaching others using the latest discoveries in neuroscience and quantum physics to reprogram their brains in order to lead a more fulfilling life. Dr. Gardner holds a doctorate and a master’s degree in psychology and counseling and has served as a faculty member at Texas Christian…

Travis Steffen

44: Why Getting Mugged and Stabbed in the Leg Was the Best Thing for Travis Steffen


Kick Off! A self-proclaimed paradoxical cross between an annoyingly-alpha meathead and an uber-nerd Mensa member, Travis Steffen is a former pro MMA fighter, former pro poker player turned self-taught tech entrepreneur and growth hacker who has started and sold six companies in the past six years. He currently runs Upshare.co, one of the market leaders…

dan caldwell

43: Dan Caldwell Gets into the End Zone by Asking Hard Questions


Kick Off! Dan Caldwell is the Co-Founder and President of TapouT, a brand he started in 1997 when he and a partner put what little money they had together to form the apparel company whose revenues are now in the hundreds of Millions! Dan has been featured on CNN, FOX Business, Forbes, The Wall Street…

mary louise vannatta

42: Pretty Dresses & Drinking Champagne Wins Games — with Mary Louise VanNatta


Kick Off! Mary Louise VanNatta, CAE has consulted with organizations and nonprofit associations since 1986 as owner of VanNatta Public Relations (VPR) and more recently its sister company, Spire Management. As a popular social columnist, she writes the weekly “Out and About with Mary Louise VanNatta” for the Statesman Journal newspaper in the Capitol City…

andrea lake

41: Andrea Lake on Why We Can’t Compare Our Behind the Scenes to Other People’s Highlight Reels


Kick Off! Andrea Lake is the Founder and CEO of Lessons.biz and Co-Founder of Mentor Mojo. Both are e-learning platforms to help hyper accelerate entrepreneurs on their journey to success. She has founded 14 companies since she was 18 years old, including StickerJunkie.com and YogaJunkie, as well as Delinquent Distribution which owned the merchandise sales…

PYP Aaron Walker

40: Playing Your Best Game & Pursuing Excellence — with Aaron Walker


Kick Off! Businessman and Life Coach Aaron T. Walker has inspired many through his leadership, mentorship, and consistent pursuit of excellence. He enjoys helping others and believes experience is a great teacher. 35 years of entrepreneurship and marriage have given Aaron a wealth of experience. Aaron continues to reach new heights and broaden his perspective…

kim doyal

39: The One Secret for Winning in Online Business — with Kim Doyal


Kick Off! Kim Doyal, “The WordPress Chick”, is an entrepreneur, coach, author, movie producer and speaker. She has built her lifestyle business using the platform of her choice, WordPress, through sheer determination and commitment. Kim works with entrepreneurs to build their online presence, connect with their ideal clients and ‘show up’ in a way that…

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