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will cuddy

Will Cuddy — “Great Things Happen When We Appreciate Others”


Kick Off! He’s crashed the Toronto Film Festival. Had dinner with author and TED Talk extraordinaire Amy Cuddy and her family in the nicest restaurant in Boston (no relation despite sharing the same last name). Imitated his favorite superhero in a bathroom stall before nailing an audition. Won multiple awards for his indie film “Linea.”…

Dr Phil Carson

Dr. Phil Carson Dares to Dream Again


Kick Off! Too many Americans are living as prisoners in their own bodies, held captive by bad habits that have drained them of their livelihood and sentenced them to a premature death. These harsh realities are what have kept Dr. Phil Carson passionate about practicing pharmacy since 1985. After encountering many patients who were seeking…

rob dial

Rob Dial — “Walmart Pasta Saved My Life”


Kick Off! Rob Dial started his career in sales at 19, and in just two short years, he was promoted to run a franchise with the company. Rob would grow that franchise into a multi-million dollar business, breaking almost every record for a new office in the company’s 60 year history by the time he…

siphiwe baleka

Siphiwe Baleka Throws a Hail Mary Pass for Health and Fitness into the End Zone


Kick Off! What happens when you realize you aren’t as good as you thought you were? That, after devoting over half your life to one pursuit, it didn’t work out? This week’s PYP MVP Siphiwe Baleka knows exactly what this feels like…and shares his story of personal reinvention, reclamation and redemption with us on today’s…

Lou Radja

Lou Radja on Living an Extraordinary Life at the Intersection of Success and Significance


Kick Off! As an International Speaker, Lou Radja has a mission: to uplift, educate and inspire his audience to live up to their greatness. Lou has motivated and challenged audiences worldwide to shake off dis-empowering beliefs and live up to their full human potential. Lou has engaged global citizens from all over the world on…

Tracey Adams

Dr. Tracey Adams Dishes about Emotional Intelligence, the Benefits of Bad Bosses and Leaving Your Phone at Home


Kick Off! What can we learn from having a bad boss, or working with a really bad coach? Emotional Intelligence expert Dr. Tracey Adams says plenty! Tracey and I recently met via a mutual friend and PYP MVP Elizabeth Case (thanks, Elizabeth!) and we hit it off immediately. Enthusiastic is an understatement when it comes…

susan ritchie

Susan Ritchie on the X Factor of Leadership (and What We All Need to Know)


Kick Off! Susan Ritchie is a leadership coach who teaches ambitious professionals how to develop their leadership presence so they can make more impact in their careers and their organisations. In 2002, as a single mum, she moved to Borneo with her 9-year-old son, where she worked as a teacher and educational leader for five…

karen lopez mcwilliams

Karen Lopez McWilliams Shares the Secret of Winning Big in Life


Kick Off! Karen Lopez McWilliams was born and raised in Glendale, Arizona and started working at age 14 in downtown Los Angeles when she helped her parents open their first McDonald’s restaurant. As a swing manager, she learned the ins and outs of the business and formed her strong work ethic. Through her business ventures…

thor conklin

Thor Conklin Shares Strategies for Improving Peak Performance (1st Half)


Kick Off! It’s fun listening to Thor Conklin. He is full of energy, insights and passion for helping people achieve peak performance. What I noticed right away about Thor was his conviction about improving ourselves. He breaks down big ideas that may at first seem too far out reach to someone just getting started or…

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