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pat rigsby

Pat Rigsby on the IDEAL Business Formula


Pat Rigsby asked himself one vital question: What is business success for me? Because feeling like his business owned him, instead of the other way around, certainly was not part of his definition of success. He vowed to make a change and, after much research, Pat Rigsby’s IDEAL business was formed. He created a business…

scott reib

Scott Reib on How to Legally Protect Yourself and Your Business Online


It’s not every day I have the chance to chat with an attorney who knows a thing or two about Internet law. Scott Reib happens to be one such attorney, and you are going to want to hear what he has to say about doing business online today. The deeper we go into the 21st…

aaron walker

Aaron Walker: “Isolation Is the Enemy of Excellence”


Imagine it’s another normal day. You’re driving to work, thinking about what’s on tap for you and your business. You are 27 years old, you have worked hard for the last 14 years to build a multi-million dollar business, taking you out of poverty and into the realms of the world’s elite entrepreneurs. Suddenly, you…

austin belcak

Austin Belcak on Unconventional Strategies for Landing the Job (and Living the Life) of Your Dreams


Who do you know who is currently looking for a new job and continues to hit dead ends in their job search? What is the secret to landing your next great job with your dream company — without going through the hassle and frustration of online job applications? How does anyone — at any age…

andie kramer and al harris

Andie Kramer and Al Harris on Breaking through Bias at Work and Beyond


For anyone who works in a diverse culture, today’s episode of the Play Your Position Podcast is not to be missed. I had the chance to talk with the authors of the popular book Breaking Through Bias: Communication Techniques for Women to Succeed at Work, married lawyers Andie Kramer and Al Harris who have been speaking and…

Karen Aberle

Karen Aberle on the Universal Dance of Relationship


Whether you’re single, married, happily partnered, or searching for love, you’ll be amazed at the insights shared by today’s guest, Karen Aberle (AB-early). Karen is the author of #1 Amazon bestseller Love’s Invisible Dance, inspired by her own juicy 30-year marriage, 3 decades of researching and teaching about relationship and the philosophy of language, and…

michael redbord

Michael Redbord of Hubspot on How to Turn Customer Service into Profits


“If you’re really good at keeping customers, you can spend more to get customers. It’s simple math. If your customer value goes up, everyone in sales and marketing gets a raise and bigger budgets to go after new ones. So if sales and marketing leaders want raises and bigger budgets, they need to be making…

jason treu

Jason Treu on Why Curiosity Can Be More Valuable than Grit or Determination


We hear a lot about grit and determination these days when it comes to getting ahead, but what about other factors that play a role in success? Today’s MVP Jason Treu is full of ideas. His energy is infectious and you will love what he has to say about curiosity as a tool for getting…

michelle gomez

Michelle Gomez on Moving Past Impostor Syndrome


“There are five competency types when it comes to the impostor syndrome,” says today’s starting quarterback, Michelle Gomez. “The Perfectionist, the Natural Genius, the Expert, the Rugged Individualist, and the Super Man -Super Woman – Super Student. “I coined the acronym UCON which stands for Unique Cocktail of Needs and it’s helped a lot of…

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