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Claudio Toyama

Claudio Toyama Aims for Mastery & Strives for Excellence


Kick Off! Claudio Toyama is an International Leadership Consultant specializing in building sustainable peak performance cultures. An entrepreneur for more than 10 years, Claudio spearheaded the launch of successful consulting companies in the UK and US. He has delivered projects in 113 countries, has travelled to over 40 of them and has lived in 5…

Giovanna Rossi

Giovanna Rossi Moves the Chains for Living a More Fulfilled Life


Kick Off! Giovanna Rossi is the President and Owner of Collective Action Strategies, LLC, a consulting firm dedicated to working with public and private sector agencies and groups to improve the health and lives of women and families through project management, strategic planning, policy development, social marketing, and training. Giovanna holds a Master of Science…

carol parker walsh

Dr. Carol Parker Walsh Sports Winning Wardrobes & Scores Touchdowns of Hope


Kick Off! Dr. Carol Parker Walsh is an award-winning and sought-after speaker, trainer, certified image professional, and #1 best selling author specializing in developing strategies for individuals to hold a positive personal and professional self-image. She’s one of 20 licensed Fashion Feng Shui® practitioners, holds a JD in employment law and has a PhD in…

dana corey

Dana Corey Takes Us From Impossible to Possible


Kick Off! Dana Corey is an international speaker, high performance business strategist and the Founder of Big Heart, Big Life where big money & big love go hand in hand. Her passion is coaching successful women entrepreneurs to get beyond what they already know, believe and do, so they can turn their ‘impossible’ into “accomplished!”…


58: Play Your Position Bigger & Better with The Freedom Journal


Kick Off! Feeling stuck in the Red Zone? Looking to score that elusive touchdown in your career, business or life? In today’s show I share with you a fantastic way you can achieve your goals like a PRO and play your position even bigger, bolder, & better than before with the Freedom Journal! Like so…

asa mathat

57: Chasing Light into the End Zone — with Asa Mathat


Kick Off! Asa Mathat is a visionary photographer who thrives on creating a world through pictures. His work empowers and inspires all who savor his creativity. Mathat has photographed the miracle of life, couples seeking to embellish the wonder each sees in each other, powerful forces of nature at their best, life-changing events and fashion…


56: The Best of Team PYP 2015


What a Year It’s Been! Thanks so much for tuning in to this special end of the year episode of the PYP Podcast. Like everyone else at this time of year, I’m sitting here thinking to myself, Wow! Where did 2015 go? It’s been such a great year here at PYP. 23 guests graced us…

taylor hartman

55: Discover Your Core Motive and 10X Your Life — with Dr. Taylor Hartman


Kick Off! Dr. Taylor Hartman, author of The Color Code, and a very successful clinical therapist with two PhD’s after his name, will tell you that his greatest achievement in life is not those PhD’s. His greatest achievement is helping “the one” – the individual learning to see themselves clearly for the first time, and…

dr. carri

54: How to Beat Fatigue Like a Champion — with Dr. Carri Drzyzga


Kick Off! Dr. Carri Drzyzga (Driz’ ga) is known internationally as ‘The Functional Medicine Doc’ – the go-to expert on finding the root causes of health problems so you can feel normal again. She is a chiropractor and naturopathic doctor, host of the popular podcast “The Functional Medicine Radio Show”, and author of the hit…

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