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michael redbord

Michael Redbord of Hubspot on How to Turn Customer Service into Profits


“If you’re really good at keeping customers, you can spend more to get customers. It’s simple math. If your customer value goes up, everyone in sales and marketing gets a raise and bigger budgets to go after new ones. So if sales and marketing leaders want raises and bigger budgets, they need to be making…

kevin monaghan

Kevin Monaghan on Protecting Business Owners and Their Profits


Why pay more salary or give away ownership when there’s a smarter way? This question is at the heart of today’s MVP’s business and it’s one that gets people’s attention quickly. Kevin Monaghan doesn’t mess around when it comes to the hard-earned money business owners earn and you will learn a lot today from him…

jason treu

Jason Treu on Why Curiosity Can Be More Valuable than Grit or Determination


We hear a lot about grit and determination these days when it comes to getting ahead, but what about other factors that play a role in success? Today’s MVP Jason Treu is full of ideas. His energy is infectious and you will love what he has to say about curiosity as a tool for getting…

michelle gomez

Michelle Gomez on Moving Past Impostor Syndrome


“There are five competency types when it comes to the impostor syndrome,” says today’s starting quarterback, Michelle Gomez. “The Perfectionist, the Natural Genius, the Expert, the Rugged Individualist, and the Super Man -Super Woman – Super Student. “I coined the acronym UCON which stands for Unique Cocktail of Needs and it’s helped a lot of…

jim jubelirer

Jim Jubelirer on Why The Future Is Brighter than You Think


“Coming up with what author Jim Collins calls a BHAG — Big Hairy Audacious Goal — is often too overwhelming for small businesses,” says Jim Jubelirer. “A better alternative for this market segment is to create an MTP — Massively Transformative Purpose — which takes a big ambition but one that also has a social…

adam capes

Adam Capes of Getaway2Give Is Disrupting Fundraising and Luxury Vacations at the Same Time


“We don’t know everything, and if we’re constantly looking to improve, when we engage experts to help us get where we want to go, the journey is that much easier,” says Adam Capes on today’s episode of Play Your Position. “I see far too many companies out there who don’t employ coaches, mentors or trainers…

david quick

David Quick Cuts through the Bull so Leaders Can Build a Compelling Vision and Thrive


“If one of us is not like the other, then we have to take action.” If you are at all familiar with Sesame Street, this reference by today’s MVP David Quick to the iconic children’s show will hit home. David Quick is referring to how leaders can create a magnetic and compelling vision for their…

todd palmer

Todd Palmer on Mindfulness, Culture and How to Ask for What You Want


“We’re not encouraged to lean into the uncomfortable and ask for what’s important to us,” says today’s PYP MVP Todd Palmer. “The interesting thing is, when it comes to getting a job, the employer wants you to want to work for them. And the employee wants to feel wanted.” “We place machinists and welders —…

albert williams

Albert Williams on How the Circle of Value Can Transform Your Business


At the end of our conversation, I asked Albert Williams who or what is he watching on Sunday. Who is his favorite team? “Well, my daughter is a Girl Scout, so this Sunday is all about selling cookies!” he laughed. I asked him which kind are his favorite. Without hesitation he said, “Samoas.” I smiled.…

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