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As a leader, you're always looking for an inside edge to improve your performance, stay ahead of the pack, and win. That's why we're committed to bringing you the most relevant conversations and insights about what it takes to succeed in a world that rewards you when you decide to be the best.

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Learn the 11 skills experts use to have more influence and impact in less time than it takes your favorite football team to win the game.

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Wayne Mullins on Why Your Website Doesn’t Have to Be Pretty

wayne mullins

Think you have to have a beautiful website to do well online? Think again. Today’s guest Wayne Mullins, Founder of Ugly Mug Marketing, shares why what your website looks like has little to do with overall performance. Wayne and I have a fantastic conversation about what today’s businesses need to consider when building an online…


3 CEOs Share Business Lessons from the Edge

3 CEOs

Meet the 3 CEOs who have overcome every obstacle. These adventurers, entrepreneurs, and philanthropists have much to teach us about responsibility, success, and the bravery that surfaces in moments when everything is on the line. Who are the 3 CEOs? Nigel Bennett, Founder of AquaGuard, Andy Buyting, Founder of Tulip Media Group, and Todd Palmer,…


Kim Bohr on Avoiding the Leadership Bermuda Triangle

Kim Bohr

What causes organizations to break down more often than anything else? That’s the focus of my conversation with today’s guest, Kim Bohr. Kim Bohr is an author, in-demand speaker, and coveted executive advisor. She is also the CEO of The Innovare Group. The firm that is known for diagnosing and repairing organizational and leadership disconnects,…

mary lou kayser

I launched this podcast in January 2014 with a dream of exploring the intersection of the call to leadership, storytelling, and the power of audio to influence and transform. Through the lens of an American football game, the show is as strong as ever with an array of guests representing multiple industries -- everything from business to the arts to sports to education to entertainment to healthcare to tech. The listening experience is fun, relevant, and useful, inspiring listeners to take action and think critically so that your life is elevated in a way that matters to you. I also publish episodes I call "Audibles" where I explore personal transformation topics like self-awareness, responsibility, truth, culture, and love. Guests and audiences alike love the format. No two shows are ever the same!

Podcasting allows me to not only live my broadcasting dream but also my purpose as a thought leader and coach who is committed to lifelong learning and personal transformation. I love podcasting for so many reasons and I'm grateful you've chosen to share some time with me here. Welcome to Team PYP!

"Through a process of self-inquisition

You will pinpoint your values and mission

With these things all revealed

You can take to the field

And confidently play your position."

Mary Lou Kayser