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oscar trimboli

Oscar Trimboli on the Numerous Rewards of Deep Listening


Today’s starting quarterback is Oscar Trimboli, a coach, supervisor, speaker and author of several books including Deep Listening: Impact beyond Words, The 125/400 Rule: The Art and Science of Listening and Breakthroughs: How to Confront Your Assumptions. Through his work with chairs, boards of directors and executive teams in local, regional and global organizations, Oscar…

Andrew Weiss

Andrew Weiss on Teaching the Next Generation of Entrepreneurs


Today’s starting quarterback is Andrew Weiss. Born and raised in Oregon, Andrew grew up goofy and awkward and always up to trying new things. After struggling his freshman year of high school due to his lack of mastery and skills, he decided he had enough and dove into personal development. Andrew found a passion for…

steven griffith

Steven Griffith on How to Have a Mindblowing Relationship with Time


Today’s starting quarterback is Steven Griffith whose mission in life is to teach us how to finally have that mind-blowing relationship with time. Steven is a nationally recognized author, speaker, researcher, and performance expert, former Chicago Golden Glove Boxer Champion in Illinois Heavyweight nicknamed “The Velvet Hammer,” and considered one of the leading authorities on…

Mark Podolsky

Mark Podolsky on How You Can Become Dirt Rich, Too


Today’s starting quarterback is returning guest, Mark Podolsky, author of Dirt Rich: How One Ambitiously Lazy Geek Created Passive Income in Real Estate Without Renters, Renovations, and Rehabs, owner of Frontier Properties and Prior to his land investing success, Mark had a high-stress, soulless corporate job, and felt trapped in a state of solo-economic-dependency.…

Laura di Franco

Laura Di Franco on How to Be Brave and Show Up for Your Life


Today’s starting quarterback is Laura di Franco, a 6-time published poet and author, inspirational speaker, holistic physical therapist and a third-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do with over two decades of experience in healing. After checking off all the “to-do” lists that were to supposedly make her feel happy, Laura woke up one day…

rock thomas

Rock Thomas on Mentoring to Make Lives and Businesses Better


Today’s starting quarterback is Rock Thomas, a best-selling author, Tony Robbins Trainer, Real Estate Mogul, the man behind the #IAmMovement and Mastermind Expert. After growing up on a farm, Rock learned the value of hard work and wanted a way to share his experiences by learning from the best and mentoring people so they can…

john hinkle

John Hinkle on Reinventing Yourself for Your Second Half’s Purpose


It’s 100% certain that everyone listening to this podcast is experiencing some kind of change or transition in their life or business. How you navigate these transitions determines your ultimate success. Today’s guest is John Hinkle, an author, speaker, and personal growth coach who’s empowering men and women to navigate those changes and find their…

molly grubb

Molly Grubb Wants You to Be Rich (and Has the Means to Get You There)


“Some people do cocaine; my drug of choice is helping people keep as much of their wealth as possible. It’s the greatest natural high on earth.” If that doesn’t get your attention, Team, I don’t know what will! I loved having the chance to learn more about Molly and how she helps entrepreneurs hold on…

john fairclough

John Fairclough on the Freedom of Being Yourself


John Fairclough likes being himself and you will like him for it. He firmly believes that being the best of who you are is a competitive advantage in business and life. His story of overcoming a childhood marked by poverty is inspiring, and you will love how direct and honest John is about what building…

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