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todd palmer

Todd Palmer on Mindfulness, Culture and How to Ask for What You Want


“We’re not encouraged to lean into the uncomfortable and ask for what’s important to us,” says today’s PYP MVP Todd Palmer. “The interesting thing is, when it comes to getting a job, the employer wants you to want to work for them. And the employee wants to feel wanted.” “We place machinists and welders —…

albert williams

Albert Williams on How the Circle of Value Can Transform Your Business


At the end of our conversation, I asked Albert Williams who or what is he watching on Sunday. Who is his favorite team? “Well, my daughter is a Girl Scout, so this Sunday is all about selling cookies!” he laughed. I asked him which kind are his favorite. Without hesitation he said, “Samoas.” I smiled.…

ron saharyan

Ron Saharyan on Why Every Business Needs to Put Profit First


“There’s a revolution going on in the accounting world right now,” today’s PYP MVP Ron Saharyan says. “We’re all about an algorithm away from being totally outsourced.” You will discover pretty fast that Ron is not shy about sharing his enthusiasm and passion for embracing change. From his unique vantage point of working with bookkeepers,…

selena rezvani

Selena Rezvani on Creating Workplace Cultures that Work


I love when PYP MVPs refer people to be guests on the show. Today’s guest is one such referral, a terrific woman who comes to us via Jo Miller (PYP Episode #87). Selena Rezvani is strong, and tough, and suited up to face the biggest thrills and challenges life throws her way. And to be…

tom schwab

Tom Schwab Helps Businesses Succeed with Podcast Interview Marketing


Tom Schwab completes the circle of PYP MVPs from a very special tribe known as Interview Valet. Starting with Aaron Walker, who led to Matt Miller, who led to Scott Beebe, who led to Tom Schwab…I feel like the Interview Valet team has been represented very well here at PYP. That’s one of the many…

doug sandler

Doug Sandler Is a Nice Guy Who Finishes First


“The advice I would give people who are standing around on the sidelines waiting for something to happen is, put your helmet on, get your head out of your a$$ and get moving,” laughs this week’s PYP MVP, Doug Snadler. “The biggest problem most people have is inaction, which leads to a string of excuses…

mary kathryn johnson

Mary Kathryn Johnson Will Blow Your Mind with What Chatbots Can Do


Mary Kathryn Johnson is quick to tell you don’t bother building a chatbot. “For most businesses, it’s not worth the time,” she says. But using chatbots to build a sales and marketing funnel for your business? Now we’re getting somewhere! “What changed the game for the chatbot industry is when Facebook opened up its Messenger…

sue monhait

Sue Monhait on The Blue Ocean Opportunity for Gifters-Bakers-Crafters-Makers


“A lot of people get to a point in their lives when they are so done with the 9-5,” says today’s PYP MVP Sue Monhait. “They may be 60, or 65 and ready for something else. But there’s only so many times they can work out, or play golf or tennis. A lot of people…

vince kramer

Vince Kramer on Creating Miracles and Living Your Life by Design


“The things that I’ve accomplished have been amazing,” says today’s PYP MVP Vince Kramer. “I’ve held director jobs at the corporate level, my military career was way beyond what I expected, and I’ve been an entrepreneur with several different businesses. I had the big house, the beautiful wife, the big bank account and through all…

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