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Learn the 11 skills experts use to have more influence and impact in less time than it takes your favorite football team to win the game.

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Jim Jubelirer on Why The Future Is Brighter than You Think

jim jubelirer

“Coming up with what author Jim Collins calls a BHAG — Big Hairy Audacious Goal — is often too overwhelming for small businesses,” says Jim Jubelirer. “A better alternative for this market segment is to create an MTP — Massively Transformative Purpose — which takes a big ambition but one that also has a social…


Adam Capes of Getaway2Give Is Disrupting Fundraising and Luxury Vacations at the Same Time

adam capes

“We don’t know everything, and if we’re constantly looking to improve, when we engage experts to help us get where we want to go, the journey is that much easier,” says Adam Capes on today’s episode of Play Your Position. “I see far too many companies out there who don’t employ coaches, mentors or trainers…


David Quick Cuts through the Bull so Leaders Can Build a Compelling Vision and Thrive

david quick

“If one of us is not like the other, then we have to take action.” If you are at all familiar with Sesame Street, this reference by today’s MVP David Quick to the iconic children’s show will hit home. David Quick is referring to how leaders can create a magnetic and compelling vision for their…

mary lou kayser

I launched this podcast in January 2014 with a dream of exploring the glorious, imperfect, and courageous pursuit of leadership excellence and life success through the lens of an American football game. I designed the show so that the listening experience is fun, relevant, and useful, inspiring listeners to take action to get better results in their lives, businesses, careers. My conversation questions land in three buckets: kick-off, move the chains, and touchdown. I also publish episodes I call "Audibles" where I explore personal transformation topics like self-awareness, responsibility, truth, and love. Guests and audiences alike love the format. No two shows are ever the same!

Podcasting allows me to not only live my broadcasting dream but also my purpose as a teacher and leader who is committed to lifelong learning and personal transformation. I love podcasting for so many reasons and I'm grateful you've chosen to share some time with me here. Welcome to Team PYP!

"Through a process of self-inquisition

You will pinpoint your values and mission

With these things all revealed

You can take to the field

And confidently play your position."

Mary Lou Kayser