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Brian Kight on the Physics of Leadership

Brian Kight believes “There’s nothing more inconsistent going on day to day week to week than what’s going on inside someone’s heart. The number one skill a coach can have is to move someone in that way.” Our conversation is centered around core leadership principles Brian uses in his coaching work. He doesn’t know your…

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Gregg Ward on the Rewards of Being a Respectful Leader

Gregg Ward is a management consultant, trainer, coach, and the founder and executive director of the Center for Respectful Leadership, who is on a mission to help leaders and their organizations develop their skills around respectful leadership, emotional intelligence, and executive presence. Using skills and techniques from his professional training in Live Theater, Gregg began…

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Ben Krueger on How Podcasting Can Make You a Better Leader

Ben Krueger is the founder and CEO of Cashflow Podcasting, where they help industry advocates reach more people, change more lives and move entire industries forward. Having collaborated on 100s of podcasts since 2012, they’ve developed 8 Podcast Principles that when applied, lead to highly effective business podcasts. Built on these principles, they’ve developed a…

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