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Get ready for the fun energy! My guest this week is Mario Lanzarotti and he exudes excitement and enthusiasm for all of life!

From CEO’s to Olympians and mission-driven entrepreneurs, Mario Lanzarotti helps high-achievers all across the globe gain the mental clarity and focus necessary to achieve what would normally take years, in 6 months or less.

Mario is highly skilled in helping participants overcome mental and emotional blockages, which enables them to reach a much higher level of performance and well-being.

He has been certified as an NLP, life-, executive-, body- as well as hypnotherapy-coach. He also completed the Landmark Forum Advanced Course, the Self Expression Leadership Program, as well as Tony Robbins signature, 4-day event, Unleash the Power Within.

Mario has participated in a variety of spiritual plant ceremonies such as Ayahuasca, San Pedro and Psilocybin Mushrooms conducted by traditional

Today, Mario travels the world on a mission to raise the consciousness of humanity through his master classes on conscious leadership and next level Mindsets.

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Recommended Books & Resources

Man’s Search for Meaning
The Power of Now
The Four Agreements

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Episode Summary

The difference between unconscious and conscious leaders. (0:02)
Taking responsibility as a leader. (7:13)
How to find fulfillment in your life. (11:37)
How to know what you want. (17:12)
The importance of externalizing responsibility. (23:24)
The difference between conscious and unconscious leaders. (34:36)
The power of conscious breathing. (41:00)
Becoming a coach and a speaker. (47:04)
Favorite leadership books and resources. (51:43)