Jenny Davis on Continuous Improvement as a Leadership Strategy

Jenny Davis
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Jenny Davis was the fastest woman in Scottish sprint cycling. As a Commonwealth Games Medalist, Jenny understands what it takes to envision, plan, train, compete, and thrive on and off the track.

The quickest way to innovate is to take lessons from one world and apply them in another. Using timeless principles she has successfully created and led change management and continuous improvement programs for teams as small as 5 up to business units of 1500+. Jenny Davis takes what she learned from excelling in sports to help entrepreneurs and business leaders lead their teams from crisis to performing to thriving. Stopping the constant fire fighting, high stress, and high emotion, ‘running around like headless chickens’ feeling in their teams, businesses, and personal lives. Instead, she helps them gain calm and control for their teams, businesses, and personal lives, by taking those core sporting principles and applying them to business.

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