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I believe the secret to success for every person lies within the imagination.

The human ability to imagine puts us in a category of our own within the animal kingdom, and is arguably our greatest resource of inspired ideas and innovation. My mission is to provide opportunities through my work for people to leverage the power of imagination to create solutions that matter for themselves, their businesses, their careers, and their teams.

I believe everyone has an innate power to be creative.

The need to be creative has never been greater than it is today. Companies, communities and countries are seeking creative answers to pervasive problems that will make a difference in the world. Yet too often, creativity is equated with some form of art — painting or drawing, for example. This limited view of creativity leads too many people to dismiss their creative impulses out of fear of judgment, ridicule, or not measuring up to some unrealistic ideal.

I am committed to solving this problem of perception. Creativity should not be viewed as synonymous with artists only, but instead as a universal drive that unlocks potential, solves problems, and shapes passion and purpose into meaningful results across a wide spectrum of human endeavors from business to education to sports to health.

I believe the philosophy of serving more people, having more fun, and making more money has never let anyone down.

Ask anyone who has “made it” and they will be quick to tell you that at the core of their success was some combination of service, fun, and being open to receiving financial rewards for their efforts. Learning how to approach life from this perspective can yield tremendous rewards on multiple levels.

Through my work with others, I am dedicated to demonstrating how this philosophy benefits everyone involved. If you share my belief that living a more passionate, purposeful, and prosperous life is not only possible, but imperative, let’s chat.

Great things always start with that first conversation.

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