17: How One Millennial Is Tackling the College Game — with Ginna Kayser

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Kick Off!

Ginna Kayser begins her freshman year at the Clark Honors College at the University of Oregon in Eugene this fall. In the first part of today’s show, she explains to listeners why she decided to attend college and what she looks forward to getting out of the next four years as an undergrad at one of the country’s best state schools.

Move the Chains

During the college application process, Ginna made a major mistake that cost her an early admission acceptance to her first choice school. Listen in to hear how she fumbled the ball and she recovered from the misstep.


Upon returning from a spring break trip to New York, Ginna discovered the last of the acceptance letters was waiting for her in the mail. Finding out what was inside the “thick” envelope was a touchdown for Ginna — and then some!

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