Mary Kathryn Johnson Will Blow Your Mind with What Chatbots Can Do

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Mary Kathryn Johnson is quick to tell you don’t bother building a chatbot. “For most businesses, it’s not worth the time,” she says.

But using chatbots to build a sales and marketing funnel for your business? Now we’re getting somewhere!

“What changed the game for the chatbot industry is when Facebook opened up its Messenger platform to automated communication for businesses. So just like with building our email lists where we send people automated messages periodically offering more value to them, we can now do the same thing in Messenger.”

Today’s PYP MVP Mary Kathryn Johnson is back for an encore appearance and A LOT has changed since she last came on the show. It’s safe to say that Mary Kathryn is one of the world’s leading experts on how to use chatbot technology for building a business and she has plenty of case studies to prove it.

Mary Kathryn Johnson is the CEO and Founder of Messenger Funnels which helps businesses message their way to sales and ridiculous ROIs. Based out of northern California, Mary Kathryn is leading the way for how we all will be marketing in the not so distant future.

If you are curious about these funny little things we call chatbots, and wonder how they could make a difference to your business or company, you won’t want to miss today’s show!

Leadership skills and insights Mary Kathryn shares on today’s show:

  • When thinking about bringing on new technology to your business model, always start with the end in mind
  • Know your audience and what they want and you’re 95 percent of the way there
  • Smart leaders explore new technologies, but don’t chase every shiny new object that comes along
  • AI is here to stay — embrace its arrival and study how it can serve your business
  • Do what you’re best at and find the right people to do all the other jobs your business needs

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