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Bill Eckstrom on Why Comfort Will Ruin Your Life

Bill Eckstrom is founder and CEO of EcSell Institute, the world’s first and only organization to measure and quantify leadership effectiveness. He and his coauthor, Sarah Wirth, are considered the world’s foremost authorities in metric- based performance coaching and growth. Bill and Sarah’s book, The Coaching Effect, was written to help leaders understand how coaching…

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Kelley McElreath on Surviving Survival

Kick Off! Have you survived a tragedy in your life? Kelley McElreath, The Survivor Coach, has suffered the loss of two children, drug and alcohol addiction, the loss of both parents, breast cancer, infidelity, divorce and an attempted suicide, to name a few. She says that when a person endures such things in their lives,…

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48: Building Champions One Mindset at a Time — with Christine Meyer

Kick Off! Christine Meyer has been a coach for 15 years to entrepreneurs, athletes and people in the entertainment industries who seek to powerfully elevate their perspectives on money, relationships and themselves. Through highly personalized coaching, Christine helps people to masterfully create their reality. When she’s not coaching, she’s mostly being bossed around by her…

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