34: Juicing for Success & Prosperity on and off the Field — with MiMi Chau

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In today’s episode of the Play Your Position Podcast, young entrepreneur MiMi Chau dives into the power of juicing as a business and as a way of life. She is a young entrepreneur with a drive to make a difference in the world. Her brand #juicemi helps people kickstart a healthier lifestyle by nourishing their mind, body and soul. She recently started a cold-pressed juice line serving Orange County and San Jose in California.

Mimi inspires to be a thought leader in the health and fitness industry and bring something different to the game. Her story is inspirational on many levels, so be sure to tune in and listen to her share about following her passion and showing up to play her best position every single day.

Move the Chains

Like most entrepreneurs at the beginning of their journey, MiMi was playing every position on the team, from Chief Juicer to Chief Marketer to Bookkeeper to Delivery Gal. She quickly discovered this was not an effective strategy for running a small business, and is now in the process of developing a long term strategy that will include hiring team members to help her fulfill her dream.


Receiving text messages from happy clients are how MiMi measures success — and keeps score. Every time her phone dings with a new story from a satisfied client, her belief in juicing and her mission to make a difference become even stronger.

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