3: How Fly Fishing Changes Lives — with Jim and Donna Teeny

Jim and Donna Teeny
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Kick Off!

Jim and Donna Teeny exemplify the concept of playing your position to a tee. Known the world over for their passion for and servant leadership in the fly fishing industry, Jim and Donna have given their lives to improving the way families and friends enjoy time together out in nature, on the water. They currently serve as ambassadors for Cabela’s and will be at the opening ceremony in April 2014 for the newest store in Anchorage, Alaska.

Move the Chains

Both Jim and Donna have witnessed a growing trend of kids moving away from spending time outdoors in favor of pursuing electronic games on computers, Smartphones, and tablets. One of their biggest concerns is for the long-term sustainability of the sport of fly fishing as the next generation of enthusiasts is the smallest they’ve seen in more than forty years of being in the industry.


Jim’s Big Touchdown = Being invited to go on an all-expenses paid red carpet fishing trip to Iceland with some fans of his fly fishing equipment who lived in London, England.

Donna’s Big Touchdown = Working with Casting for Recovery, a program dedicated to teaching women who have had breast cancer how to fly fish.

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