Andy Paul on How Selling Is Changing

Andy Paul says that selling is changing… but not in the ways that most people believe (and why this is important to entrepreneurs, CEOs, and sales leaders). Andy is the host of his own top-rated podcast called Accelerate! With Andy Paul which has more than 700 episodes produced and nearly 2 million downloads. Andy is…

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Caroline Balinska on Building an eCommerce Empire

Today’s starting quarterback has “I have a crazy obsession with automating processes in your business so you can work less and make more money.” Her name is Caroline Balinska — aka the Ecommerce Growth Specialist. She is a forward-thinking game-changer with simple solutions for Merchants to get their first 1000 sales. THE FIRST 1000 ARE…

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51: Transforming the Internet Experience from Everyday to Extraordinary — with Micha Mikailian

Kick Off! Micha Mikailian has been a serial entrepreneur for the last 22 years, with 8 companies under his belt. He most recently Co-Founded Intently, a software platform that leverages virtual real estate to transform people’s experiences with technology. It is a vision boarding application that deeply connects its users with their goals and intentions…

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