Dr. Carol Parker Walsh Sports Winning Wardrobes & Scores Touchdowns of Hope

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Kick Off!

Dr. Carol Parker Walsh is an award-winning and sought-after speaker, trainer, certified image professional, and #1 best selling author specializing in developing strategies for individuals to hold a positive personal and professional self-image. She’s one of 20 licensed Fashion Feng Shui® practitioners, holds a JD in employment law and has a PhD in human development.

In her business Evolve Image Consulting, Carol combines her expertise in appearance, communication, behavior, identity development, body structure and color, along with 25+ years as an executive, lawyer, and academic, to support her clients in creating a personalized style that embraces their essence and life goals. She has appeared on various radio programs, blogs, in magazines, and other print.

Move the Chains

Having had a lot of success in other careers, Carol Parker Walsh found herself at a place of transition right around her 50th birthday. Not only did she get in a car accident, but she lost her father.

“All of these things happened in a short span of time,” she recalls. “It was definitely a tough point in my life when I had to make some decisions and wasn’t sure which direction I was heading in next.”


Carol Parker Walsh scored a huge touchdown after taking up her coach’s challenge to get out of her comfort zone and become more visible.

“I hired a photographer. I hired a make up artist. I pulled things from my wardrobe and launched my blog,” she says. “The results have been tremendous! I’m getting messages from people who tell me I give them hope.”

That’s definitely a win in our book here at PYP!

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