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Tim Fortescue is an extraordinary communication coach who ignites transformation and drives success. With a background in basketball coaching and a passion for helping individuals grow, Tim’s journey has taken him from volunteer high school basketball coach to founding his own coaching venture, 40 Watt Coaching.

His coaching philosophy centers around coaching the full human, not just a person’s speech patterns. Tim’s extensive experience includes coaching and training thousands of individuals across six continents, working with renowned organizations like Nike, Amazon, Netflix, and Google.

Tim’s expertise extends beyond coaching, as he has led Manager and Leadership Enablement at the fintech giant Stripe. Prior to that, he served as a Managing Director and Senior Communication Coach at Own The Room, where he honed his skills and empowered executives at Fortune 500 companies.

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Episode Summary

Effective communication in workplace. (0:02)
Leadership journey and coaching for a living. (1:37)
Career transformation from basketball coach to communication coach. (5:37)
Communication struggles in high-level executives. (11:42)
Coaching vs consulting in communication. (15:58)
Coaching, mentoring, and consulting. (22:58)
Effective communication techniques in business. (27:40)
Authentic communication and masks in leadership. (32:59)
Coaching, leadership, and personal growth. (37:07)
Communication, personality types, and coaching. (43:13)
Personality assessments and their applications in communication and leadership. (47:07)