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Nadav Zeimer works at the intersection of technology and education. He excelled as a software engineer in Silicon Valley prior to becoming an award-winning physics/robotics teacher, turnaround principal, and public speaker. The transition from software to education started when Nadav founded a nonprofit focused on hyper-local radio production.

As a teacher, Nadav integrated podcasting into his curricula and was selected to lead a school design team. Seven consecutive years of breakthrough student outcomes followed, along with widespread recognition for his digital media-centered approach to school reform. Nadav promises to end standardized testing in NYC high schools by 2040.

Based on nearly two decades of experience, he has launched an open-source, blockchain ledger of “gold standard” high school credits. The Zeimer Family adopted their eldest child from Japan and currently serves as foster parents to a medically fragile child in Harlem.

Nadav is the author of Education in the Digital Age: How We Get There a book that offers an evaluation of how digital technology and economics are poised to transform education by examining the concept of academic capital. He explains why he wants to reengineer the way credits are stored and used in education by implementing blockchain technology to the credits ledger system.

If you’re interested in where public education is heading, this is the episode for you!

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