Molly Grubb Wants You to Be Rich (and Has the Means to Get You There)

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“Some people do cocaine; my drug of choice is helping people keep as much of their wealth as possible. It’s the greatest natural high on earth.”

If that doesn’t get your attention, Team, I don’t know what will! I loved having the chance to learn more about Molly and how she helps entrepreneurs hold on to their hard-earned money. She has the chops!

Here are Molly’s MVP Player Stats:

Today’s starting quarterback is Molly Grubb and she is a dynasty builder. After seeing her family’s business torn away from her parents, watching them lose their identity and then walking away with almost nothing, Molly decided she wasn’t going to let that happen to other entrepreneurs and family business owners.

Now Molly helps build, protect and maintain a family business owner’s dynasty. She is one of only 200 Certified Business Exit Consultants and less than 7% of advisors that utilize all of the fundamentals of wealth management.

We all know owning a business has value and the average business owner
has the majority of their net worth tied to their business. With only 20% of
businesses actually selling in the open market, this makes it extremely difficult
for the average owner to ever realize the wealth they built in their business,
personally. In fact, 90 % of businesses fail within the first 10 years. Molly is here to help us beat those numbers and build our dynasties.

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