Michelle LaBrosse on How to Complete Projects the Cheetah Way (in 2 Weeks or Less)

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Michelle LaBrosse is a powerhouse in project management and innovation. As the Founder & CEO of Cheetah Learning, Michelle brings her dynamic expertise to the forefront, sharing insights from her incredible journey as an Aerospace Engineer and former Air Force Officer.

Discover the secrets behind Cheetah Learning’s groundbreaking methodologies that have earned global recognition, including being named the 2008 Professional Development Provider of the Year by the Project Management Institute. Michelle’s accolades extend further as she’s celebrated as one of PMI’s 25 Most Influential Women in Project Management.

In our conversation today, Michelle unveils her remarkable story of growth and leadership, from her engineering roots at Syracuse University and the University of Dayton to her transformative experience at Harvard Business School. With features in over 1000 publications and a dedicated readership of over 50,000 through her Know How Network column, Michelle’s impact on project management education is unparalleled.

Michelle is on a mission to revolutionize project management, making it accessible and enjoyable for all. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from a true visionary, as she reveals the keys to unlocking exceptional outcomes in any endeavor. This interview promises to be an inspiring journey through innovation, leadership, and the power of getting things done fast, the Cheetah Project Management way.


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