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Kyle Mau is a seasoned entrepreneur with a diverse background. At the age of 24, he made a pivotal decision to leave his corporate engineering role and relocate to Eastern Europe, eventually settling in Kyiv, Ukraine. As a permanent expatriate and property owner in Ukraine, he is deeply integrated in the local culture and business landscape.

There, he successfully launched and managed a widely-read blog, amassing over 1 million readers a year at it’s peak. Additionally, Kyle co-founded Selo Olive, an esteemed olive oil company based in Croatia shipping directly from family farm to consumer. With a keen eye for talent and opportunity, Kyle went on to establish HireUA, a premier staffing and recruiting agency specializing in connecting skilled Eastern European professionals with Western companies. When Russia invaded Ukraine, Kyle relocated his family to Poland but maintained his commitment to fostering international connections for Ukrainians.

Today, Kyle focuses on business growth and strategy, entrusting the day-to-day operations of HireUA to his capable team. Under his leadership, HireUA continues to facilitate seamless talent acquisition, enabling businesses to thrive while saving employers 70-80% on premium talent in just 5 days.

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