John Miller on Transforming Your Business Conversations with Courageous Marketing

john miller
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John Miller is the founder of Scribewise, a content marketing agency that helps B2B firms grow through demand generation and thought leadership. With a dedicated team of talented writers, designers, and strategists, John’s mission is to humanize complex business conversations. They develop and deliver captivating, audience-centric content that builds trust with Scribewise’s clients’ future customers.

John is the leading champion for courageous marketing. He believes that the business landscape is in dire need of a transformation from vanilla to vibrant. He’s committed to swinging for the fences and infusing excitement into the corporate world, a passion that culminated in the authorship of his compelling book, “Playing It Safe Sucks: A Manifesto for Courageous Marketing.”

John and his team at Scribewise help mid-sized B2B firms modernize their marketing by developing and executing content marketing programs that forge enduring, trust-based relationships with their ideal customers. In a world that often fixates on SEO, John proudly describes Scribewise as “SEO-cynical.”

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