Jeff Bartsch on Building Confidence and Connections through the Power of Story

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Jeff Bartsch is a visionary storyteller, communication strategist, and founder at Story Greenlight. With over 20 years of experience in the entertainment industry and online business, Jeff has helped shape content for clients including ABC, NBC, Universal, Disney, Apple, and many others. Jeff’s commentary has been featured in major publications including Time Magazine, USA Today, and the Associated Press. Through Story Greenlight, Jeff and his team empower business experts and leaders to tell their stories, serve more clients, and expand their impact in the world. He believes that the power of story is within reach of everyone, and that human connection is everything.

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Episode Summary

Sharing everyday experiences and their value in storytelling. (0:02)
Leadership, storytelling, and communication. (1:43)
Storytelling strategies for business leaders. (7:18)
Storytelling and personal growth through self-awareness. (13:20)
Vulnerability and disclosure in storytelling. (19:28)
Storytelling and authenticity in leadership. (26:23)
Storytelling and leadership development. (33:18)
Using storytelling to overcome challenges. (38:26)
Personal growth and leadership through storytelling. (43:39)
Storytelling, personal growth, and entrepreneurship. (48:54)
Leadership skills and personal growth. (55:19)