Dave Newell on Leveraging the Five Facets of Business Framework™ for Alignment and Success

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Dave Newell is on a mission to “align the misaligned” — connecting leaders with systems that foster outstanding work and personal fulfillment. If you’re feeling like any aspect of your current business is off-kilter, this conversation will help you find your bearings.

Dave collaborates with small business leaders to implement the Five Facets of Business™ — a small business operating system — to optimize processes, foster team alignment around culture, strategy, operations, story, and finances. This framework provides leaders with the necessary clarity and alignment to crush both short and long-term goals. Dave has coached hundreds of leaders both nationally and internationally and has implemented this framework for the last 11 years.

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Made to Stick by Chip Heath and Dan Heath

Essentialism by Greg McKeown

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Episode Summary

Business growth plateaus and simplification strategies. (0:02)
Leadership, systems, and growth in business. (1:42)
Simplifying complex businesses with a systems approach. (8:08)
Workplace culture and technology impact. (15:01)
Organizational purpose and meaningful work. (19:30)
Business vision, systems thinking, and letting go of outdated processes. (25:00)
Change management and letting go of what’s familiar for growth. (31:16)
Personal and professional growth with a focus on technology and business. (38:58)
Business growth, leadership, and personal development. (45:24)
Leadership skills, alignment, and self-mastery. (50:15)