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Bryce Henson is the CEO of Fit Body Boot Camp, the world’s fastest growing fitness boot camp franchise. Having nearly 20 years of Fitness Business experience and owning his own Fit Body location, his passion is spreading fitness to the world through business coaching. Through Fit Body Boot Camp’s World Wide growth, Bryce has overseen hundreds of gyms successfully launched throughout North America. Most importantly, he helps his Franchise Partners grow their profits while helping to offset the obesity epidemic. In today’s conversation, Bryce shares his story of when he answered the call to leadership and how that call continues to shape his passion for fitness and business. Get ready to get enthused about your health and what’s possible!

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Episode Summary

Coaching and accountability for success. (0:02)
Leadership and responsibility from a childhood experience. (2:03)
Personal story, addiction, and business leadership. (6:20)
Fitness journey and overcoming self-limiting beliefs. (8:50)
Fitness franchise opportunities and qualities sought in partners. (13:38)
Franchise opportunities and their benefits. (17:06)
Fitness, nutrition, mindset, and leadership. (24:05)
Hiring a coach for fitness and nutrition success. (27:24)
Obesity epidemic in modern society. (33:43)
Fitness, marketing, and self-awareness. (36:53)
Fitness, health, and wellness with Bryce Henson. (43:18)
Leadership, self-improvement, and fulfillment with Bryce Maddock. (46:32)