April Mitchell on Turning Your Ideas into Games, Toys, and Products for Fun and Profit

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Do you have an idea for a game, toy, or household product? Wondering what it takes to get your ideas into the marketplace? Ever fantasized about pitching a product to get a licensing deal?

Today’s guest is April Mitchell, an expert and leader in the invention and licensing space. In our conversation, April shares her experiences inventing games and products, and getting deals from companies to have them made and distributed. She also discusses what happens when your idea isn’t right for a company, and the question about patents almost everyone asks. You are going to love her energy and enthusiasm as you learn about turning your ideas into real games, toys, and products.

In April’s own words: “I am a professional problem solver, creative thinker, idea machine, magic maker, dreamer, and What if-er , also known as an inventor and designer specializing in the toys, games, party, and housewares industries. A product licensing expert and designer for hire whom uses my background as an educator, military spouse, and the “Mom of 4 Factor” for developing and designing products in several industries with some help from my TEAM(family of 6). A 2x Patented inventor whom has designed, developed, and licensed concepts in several industries. Areas of expertise include: organizational and storage products, kitchen tools & gadgets, party supplies, preschool toys & games, family games, party games, adult games, strategy games, sports toys and games, and outdoor/yard games. These products inspired by life as a military family, teacher, and mom bring both function and fun to families’ homes helping make life more enjoyable and convenient for everyone.”

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Episode Summary

Personal growth and development for success. (0:02)
Leadership and inventing with April Mitchell. (2:16)
Inventing, toy design, and the ups and downs of the process. (6:56)
Game development process and pitching to companies. (12:22)
Inventing and licensing products with a successful inventor. (15:42)
Game development, themes, and persistence. (22:01)
Multi-dimensionality and abundance mindset in leadership. (27:25)
Protecting ideas and licensing them. (33:12)
Trade shows, networking, and product showcasing for inventors. (36:24)
Networking and follow-up strategies for inventors and entrepreneurs. (42:13)
Personal growth, leadership, and ideation. (47:17)