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Andy Hite is a recognized leadership coach who supports entrepreneurs, executives, and their teams with energy and enthusiasm as they navigate the world of building businesses and lives filled with prosperity, meaning, & freedom.

Regardless of the setting—be it in front of an audience, within an intimate boardroom, or during individual client sessions—Andy’s background in commercial theatre, as an actor and executive, lends a distinctive perspective to his coaching practice.

Committed to making an impact and facilitating transformative change, Andy empowers entrepreneurs and executives to unlock their full potential and thrive in their respective fields. Leading with heart, he creates a nurturing environment that fosters growth and paves the way for true authentic leadership.

With a wealth of personal and professional growth experience, Andy is passionate about helping his clients explore new possibilities, challenge their limits, and unlock their true potential. As an accomplished executive and entrepreneur coach, Andy has impacted countless lives and earned a reputation for excellence. He is a sought-after guest, inspiring audiences with insights on how to lead more powerfully, love more deeply, and live more fully.

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Recommended Books & Resources

The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer

Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl

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Episode Summary

Courage, feedback, and personal growth. (0:02)
Leadership journey and personal growth. (1:11)
Personal growth and leadership development. (6:41)
Decision-making and personal growth in the entertainment industry. (13:24)
Overcoming fear and uncertainty in business decisions. (18:49)
Personality assessments and coaching practices. (23:52)
Leadership, assessments, and personal growth. (28:32)
Coaching, potential, and rest for personal and professional growth. (34:30)
Growth mindset, coaching, and personal development. (40:07)
Leadership skills and personal growth. (46:14)