Spencer Snakard on Breaking through Your Upper Limits

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Spencer Snakard is an Executive Transformation Coach, Trainer, and Speaker. She helps visionary entrepreneurial women leaders break through upper limits so they can turn their mission into a world-changing movement … without life-sucking consequences!

With 25 years of experience, her transformative programs cause profound & lasting shifts in participants’ lives by getting to the heart of what drives us, what holds us back, and what it takes to be truly fulfilled as spiritual beings having a human experience. Helping clients get out of their own way, she has taken them from self-limiting beliefs that were putting a ceiling on their revenue & impact, to multiple seven-figure years with a business & life of their design.

Spencer has a degree in Psychology and extensive training & leadership in Ontology. She is a Success Principles trainer, a Yoga instructor, and a Professional Certified Coach, who brings a sense of play & humor into all her work. Spencer has been featured on dozens of podcasts, including one ranked among Top Business Podcasts by Inc. and MSNBC.

Married to the love of her life, they are a combined family with 4 children, ages 15-26. They love spending summers together on the rocky coast of Maine and are currently building an oceanfront home there to enjoy family getaways & client retreats!

Discover more about Spencer Snakard on her website: Spencer Snakard

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Book Recommendations

Anything by Dr. Brené Brown

Psychocybernetics by Maxwell Maltz

Mind to Matter by Dawson Church

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