Peter Lisoskie Has Seen the Future and It’s the Chatbot

peter lisoskie

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Chances are good if you’ve been on Facebook lately you have seen a chatbot. A chatbot is an automated communication sequence inside FB Messenger, on your website, or an on ecommerce site that allows the user to drive the experience while interacting with your chatbot to get questions answered, get content, make orders, etc. — instantly and 24/7.

Today’s guest knows a few things about chatbots and unpacks their potential for Team PYP. His name is Peter Lisoskie and he spends his time helping early adopters in business capitalize on new trends in tools, technologies, and marketing strategies. He’s discovered that many early adopter companies want chatbots developed for leads, inside sales, content delivery, information gathering, ecommerce, customer service and more. Peter is a proud geek: He runs a business incubator, hangs out with neuroscientists, and has been known to write a line of code or two if it brings a product to life. Get ready for a lively conversation about the future — it’s closer than we think!

Move the Chains

“I not only got sacked, but I got run out of the football stadium as well!” Peter Lisoskie jokes. “When we fail, we find out who we truly are, what our character is all about as well as our potential.” Before the recession hit in 2007- 2008, Peter was running a multi-location franchise that was generating about $5.2 million a year. Once he decided to sell the business, he was able to sell half of it and then wanted to sell the other half. At one point he had two people in a bidding war fighting for it but then his bank — the fated WAMU — went down with the economy and Peter found himself bleeding cash like nobody’s business. The potential investors decided to back away from the deal, leaving Peter with a long road and a lot of stress ahead of him.

Things got so bad that at one point he had $25 in his bank account and had to decide if he was going to eat today or put gas in his truck so he could go see his son?


Luckily, things eventually turned around for Peter Lisoskie. With his extensive background in product development, he is now helping companies use chatbots to grow their businesses. He can help your company develop and deploy a chatbot strategy to support your brand and deliver a winning customer experience, too. His greatest joy these days comes from seeing customers incorporate chatbot technology into their marketing efforts for big wins.

Interview Links

Learn more about chatbots and take one for a test drive on Peter’s website here.

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