*** "I Know Someone Who Would Be an Awesome Guest!" ***

Podcast IconThank you for paying it forward by recommending someone (or yourself!) who has a great story and would make a fantastic guest on the Play Your Position Podcast.

The criteria for being featured on the Play Your Position Podcast include:

  1. This individual is someone who exemplifies the concept of “playing your position” in life and/or work. Specifically, he or she is a Leader who knows who they are and doesn't make excuses about it. They have earned their position and the world has rewarded them for getting out there and being themselves every day, cuts, bruises, scars and all.

  2. This individual has an interesting story that adds value to the marketplace and can be of use to an audience hungry for quality content and looking for inspiration.

The nomination process is simple: fill out this short form and hit submit. All submissions will be considered, but we cannot guarantee every nomination will result in a spot on the podcast.

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