Jane Jackson — How to Thrive When Changing Your Career Direction

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Jane Jackson is a career coach, author, speaker, podcast host, image consultant and workshop leader who is committed to helping all of us live a life less ordinary. Her book, Navigating Career Crossroads: How to Thrive when Changing Direction, is a #1 Amazon bestseller and definitely worth the read. Even if you aren’t going through a career transition right now, Jane’s book has useful tips and exercises that you can use to fine tune your current position. She’s got sections on values clarification, choosing a suitable wardrobe and how to connect effectively with key decision makers on social media platforms like LinkedIn.

Jane Jackson has been featured in all kinds of great publications including the Sydney Morning Herald, the Huffington Post, and Cosmopolitan. Mother of two beautiful daughters, Jane lives in Australia where she runs her international business and brings a lot of class to everything she does.

Move the Chains

In the year 2000, I wasn’t really sure about what direction I wanted to take my life,” Jane Jackson recalls. Many things were changing for Jane: her career, her marriage, her dreams. “When something goes on in your life, you will feel like falling apart. But we have to pull things together, get the job done and sort out life. Nothing is ever the end of the world. There is a blessing you will find if you look hard enough.”


Jane’s touchdown is becoming an author. And not just any author, but a #1 Amazon bestselling author. “I call it my biggest win!” she says proudly. “It wasn’t easy, but I dedicated the time to get it done and push past the ‘kill me now’ feeling that consumed me more times than I can count during the process.”

I couldn’t agree more. Writing and publishing a book is a tremendous accomplishment, as well as a terrific gift to the world. Congratulations, Jane!

Interview Links

Grab a copy of Jane’s book here or by clicking the image below:

jane jackson

Get to know more about Jane Jackson on her website here. Be sure to check out her 1980s exercise video for Nike!

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