Gustavo Serbia — How to Ask for (and Get) What You Want

gustavo serbia

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Gustavo Serbia is the Corporate Director of Human Resources for Crescent Hotels & Resorts and refers to himself as an HR non-HR guy. He is also the founder of Stretch the String, a personal development movement dedicated to helping fine tune the most important instrument of your career: YOU! Gustavo has worked in hospitality, entertainment, with airlines and universities. His work has taken him around the world including places like Mexico, Hong Kong, and Europe. Fully bilingual, Gustavo speaks both English and Spanish and on a personal note, he loves baseball, has a collection of M&M branded items and considers himself a tech nerd.

Move the Chains

When a job promotion he believed was a shoe-in was rescinded, Gustavo Serbia was deeply disappointed. However, he stayed focused on what was in his control and kept on moving things forward. Two years later he was hand picked for an even better position by the same woman who had rejected him previously. Looking back at the time, he recognizes that had he been more insecure, he wouldn’t have stayed the course to become the director he eventually became.


“If you try as much as possible to prepare yourself, when you do fall down — and you will — you will be much better prepared to pick yourself up and keep going,” Gustavo says. A great reminder for sure! Tune in to hear Gustavo tell the rest of the story where he went face to face with a very difficult boss…and came out a winner.

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Connect with Gustava Serbia on LinkedIn and learn more about his fabulous leadership development techniques, career advice and success insights on his website Stretch the String.

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