Emma Donovan on Owning Your Story in an Authentic Way

emma donovan
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As we launch a new year, Emma Donovan shares timely and timeless ideas about choosing online platforms, owning your story in an authentic way, and driving the narrative about yourself and your brand.

Emma Donovan is a seasoned entrepreneur with 15+ years of experience in brand strategy and professional profiling. As co-founder of Dapper, she excels in creating innovative products and collaborating with brilliant minds. Emma’s superpower lies in injecting enthusiasm and vibrancy into any situation. Currently, Emma’s focus is on sustainable ways to approach personal brand development for entrepreneurs and leadership teams, in a way that’s authentic and creates space to build their brands with intention.

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Episode Summary

Building a personal brand through authentic marketing strategies. (0:02)
Leadership journey and personal brand development. (2:14)
Personal branding and leadership with a focus on authenticity and consistency. (5:52)
Personal branding, AI, and thought leadership. (10:37)
Storytelling and branding in the digital age. (17:54)
Overcoming impostor syndrome and developing a growth mindset for writing and sharing content. (24:46)
Imposter syndrome, personal branding, and social media platforms. (28:11)
Personal branding evolution, authenticity, and value. (34:25)
Personal branding strategies for professionals. (40:33)
Personal branding and leadership skills. (44:14)