Dr. Brigitte Piniewski on Web3 and What’s Possible for Healthcare

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Most of us are approaching our health care from an outdated, average model based on data that doesn’t help anyone experience exceptional health. Get ready to have your mind blown about what’s possible for each of us in coming years when what Dr. Brigitte Piniewski discusses becomes standard in the healthcare system. I haven’t stopped thinking about what she talks about since we recorded this episode. She is leading the charge in something truly revolutionary.

Dr. Brigitte Piniewski is a physician, ex-healthcare executive, researcher, author and angel investor who has witnessed healthcare from almost every angle. More recently, while providing investor education in the Web3 ethos, she appreciated the potential for pivotal health transformation now possible using new distributed ledger approaches.

However, our Health industry would need multidisciplinary experts to update their understanding of the possibilities Web3 might enable. Thus her book, “Wealthcare: Demystifying Web3 and the Rise of Personal Data Economies” provides a starter-pack of sorts to engage diverse stakeholders to share a common vision and vocabulary. Together we should expect to design and deliver both health and wealth to our communities in perpetuity.


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Episode Summary

Future of healthcare and technology with expert Brigitte Piniewski. (0:02)
Healthcare system, personal data economy, and Web3. (4:18)
Personalized health data collection and management. (9:22)
Web3 and its potential to give individuals control over their health data. (14:43)
Blockchain, NFTs, and digital ownership in the publishing industry. (20:37)
AI, digital ownership, and wealth creation. (27:59)
AI, healthcare, and wealth creation. (33:50)
Personalized medicine and health tracking. (39:04)
Emerging technologies and their impact on society. (43:57)