Brandon Gaille Takes Us into the End Zone with Blogging

brandon gaille
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Kick Off!

Brandon Gaille gets over 2 Million visitors to his blog every month — yet he’s only been blogging since 2013. How is this possible? Brandon’s approach to everything comes from a process of reverse engineering what works, so he can make what he does that much better. In today’s show, Brandon talks openly about systems he uses to grow his audience and business, all while staying true to himself and playing his position.

Move the Chains

While it may look like things have been easy for Brandon, nothing could be less true. He overcame being beaten up and bullied as a teen to build multiple million dollar plus companies in his 20s. In his 30s, a brain tumor severely disabled him, and he battled against the odds to regain his health so that he could help his pregnant wife with her fight against cancer. His wife beat cancer, and he was able to get healthy enough to start another business three years later. Today, he is widely known as one of the top experts in blogging and content marketing.


Brandon Gaille is crystal clear about the biggest win of his life.

“Seeing my wife overcome stage 3 breast cancer and give birth to our son will be my biggest win until the day I die.”

When Brandon isn’t sharing amazing content on his podcast or writing epic blog posts over at The Blog Millionaire, he can be found having fun with his family in and around Houston, Texas.

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Connect with Brandon Gaille, check out his podcast, and learn about his course over at The Blog Millionaire.

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