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Kick Off!

It’s almost 2017 and the publishing industry has been turned upside down in the last few years by tech giants like Amazon who allow anyone to publish anything, anywhere, anytime. Given our highly digital world, a big question on book lovers’ minds everywhere is — do books still matter in a Snapchat world?

Today’s PYP MVP Ally Machate has a unique perspective on the state of books today. She is the founder of The Writer’s Ally, an award-winning business that offers expert writing and editorial services to business professionals, publishers, agents, and authors. Ally is a bestselling book collaborator, award-winning editor, and expert publishing consultant who loves using her insider knowledge of the publishing industry and wealth of experience to lead serious authors toward publishing success. Since 1999, she has supported authors on their publishing journey and takes pride in serving as their books’ best ally. We had a great time geeking out about books on today’s show, and you will too!

Move the Chains

Ally Machate recalls how a few years into here freelancing career, she was saying yes to everything that came across her desk. The result? Ally became exhausted, overbooked, and stressed out. She also stopped loving her work, which made her not want to show up at all.

She knew things needed to change, and so she did two things: she decided to specialize, and she expanded her team.


The shifts in her business model led Ally to scoring big and loving to play the game again. One of her biggest and most recent wins was when she worked with Navy Seal Commander Mark Divine on his book, The Way of the Seal, which became a national bestseller.

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