Eric Rogell on Tapping into Our Inner Warrior, Lover, King, and Hero

Eric Rogell
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Eric Rogell is the host of the “Warriors, Lovers, Kings, and Heroes” podcast, producer of The Complete Man Summit, a bestselling author, and a mentor creating bold, inspirational leaders who want to ignite motivation, vision, and purpose in their teams.

He’s the author of the bestselling guide to creating lasting relationships, The Art of War for Dating, and he speaks on how to create “Gotta Have It Now!” attraction to products and how to nurture “uncheatable” relationships—where clients would never dream of running to your competitors. As a lifestyle writer for several publications, and having cultivated a wide social media reach, Eric Rogell travels the world with Fortune 500 companies, not only spreading the word on the importance of attraction and building relationships but also constantly gathering knowledge on the latest in what works (and what doesn’t) for your business.

We had a lively and powerful conversation about what it means to be a man in 2020; how women can tap into their inner warrior without becoming bitchy; why relationships can be so darn hard while being so damn good; and so much more!

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