Steve Robertson — “Our Lives Truly Begin Outside Our Comfort Zones”

steve robertson

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One of the best parts of my conversation with Steve Robertson this week (and there were many!) was hearing his deep insights into what makes Gen Z tick. “Young people have more in common with their international peers than they do with their parents,” he reflects.

Gen Z is the generation coming after the Millennials (who are now entering their 30s and beginning to settle down). What are their concerns as they come of age in a highly digitized world? What are they most eager to learn? Who do they look up to and why? For any of us working with young people, building businesses, educating, and/or simply wondering how to engage a generation that sees things very differently than their Gen X parents and Baby Boomer grandparents, today’s PYP MVP Steve Robertson will give you the goods.

Steve is an expert on youth development and education as well as understanding and adapting to youth. His experience comes full circle from being the business leader and establishing the culture of the camp to helping the students in the programs prepare for their future careers. He is currently the CEO of Julian Krinsky Camps & Programs (JKCP), an organization specializing in youth-to-adult programming that turns curiosity into passion and skill. He has been with JKCP for 18 years, and as a result, he’s really got an inside edge about a population that will one day lead the world. In this role, his primary responsibility is to cultivate a culture that results in memories lasting a lifetime for their participants and staff. Steve oversees 20-plus programs and camps ranging from cooking and sports to pre-college academics and more- attracting participants from all over the world. JKCP partners together with highly esteemed institutions such as University of Pennsylvania, Yale University, Villanova University, and even the NFL!

Move the Chains

“I worked in the diamond industry in South Africa” Steve Robertson recalls. “My life was great, and I had opportunities to grow with the company. But I was ready for something new, and I didn’t know what. I became unemployed by choice. That was definitely a strange time in my life.”

Steve eventually pursued a career in tennis coaching which opened the door to coming to America and coaching NFL coach Andy Reid’s daughter in tennis. “What you choose to focus on gets bigger,” Steve says. “Attitude is everything!”


Steve feels like so much of his life has been in the metaphorical end zone. So much so that he says, “It’s awesome being me!” How can we not love his enthusiasm for life? He truly loves what he does with young people, and he loves his position with Julian Krinsky Camps. “The path I’ve walked to get where I am today is a testimony to what’s possible for anyone,” he says.

Interview Links

Go to Steve’s website and grab his generous discount offer on any of his programs! You can also connect with Shim on his social media platforms right from that page. He loves connecting with people and would enjoy connecting with you!

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