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Nobby Kleinman

10: Helping Others Get What They Want — with Nobby Kleinman


Kick Off! Nobby Kleinman of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia has been playing his own game for as long as he can remember, scoring points and winning games for years. As an expert in the financial space, Nobby has helped thousands of people manage their money more effectively and yield positive returns on their investments. He loves…

carol ann jones

9: The Transformative Power of Music — with Carol Ann Jones


Kick Off! Carol Ann Jones has loved music since she was a little girl, but it wasn’t until after she’d raised her family and become a dairy farmer that she decided it was time to chronicle her life in music. She wrote all of the songs on her debut album “Out of the Blue,” and…

Tim Sieck

8: Finding Your Zone of Genius — with Tim Sieck


Kick Off!   Tim Sieck is a principal partner with On Target Talent, an MT Endeavors company.  On Target Talent is a professional services firm specializing in helping organizations assess, develop, and retain key talent. Additionally, Tim is an adjunct faculty member at Upper Iowa University. His educational background includes a bachelor’s degree from Upper Iowa…

Chad Brown

7: Fly Fishing and Other Secrets of Success — with Chad Brown


Kick Off! Chad Brown discovered the magic of fly fishing after returning from military service. Struggling with PTSD, Chad remembers the first time he hooked a fish, saying the experience was more powerful for the healing process than the medication he was taking. He was literally “hooked” from that point forward, and is now the…

Heather McKeown

6: Success and Failure at 35,000 Feet — with Heather McKeown


Kick Off! Heather McKeown is the author of the book, Above and Beyond: Inspiring Adventures into the Blue and currently serves passengers at 35,000 feet through her work as a Flight Attendant with JetBlue Airways. She is also the editor of The Optimist Newspaper, a publication dedicated to suicide prevention. Move the Chains What challenges…

cynthia trevino

5: Making the Successful Transition from Employee to Entrepreneur — with Cynthia Trevino


Kick Off! Cynthia Trevino is a founding partner of Resonnect, a company that helps clients identify and evaluate growth opportunities in the rapidly changing business landscape. As a Baby Boomer, she remembers the tech industry long before the Internet came on the scene and has had the good fortune to witness tech’s evolution over the…

radioman rides the world

4: Mark Donham Gets Back in Position as Radioman Rides the World


Kick Off! One thing Mark Donham is sure about: life doesn’t always go according to plan. When his wife unexpectedly developed early onset Alzheimer’s, Mark left his 6-figure a year job and took on the new position as her full-time caretaker. This experience would turn out to be the catalyst for the next chapter in…

Jim and Donna Teeny

3: How Fly Fishing Changes Lives — with Jim and Donna Teeny


Kick Off! Jim and Donna Teeny exemplify the concept of playing your position to a tee. Known the world over for their passion for and servant leadership in the fly fishing industry, Jim and Donna have given their lives to improving the way families and friends enjoy time together out in nature, on the water.…

john cote

2: New Economy Systems and Sales Solutions for Success — with John Cote


Kick Off! After 9/11 forever changed the course of his professional life as a pilot for a major US airline, John Cote ventured out on his own and founded his first marketing company. He has since gone on to build several successful ventures and is currently keen on serving the growing medical tourism industry. Listen…

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